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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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People often ask me, "What do you look for in a foundation?"
I would say the usual that I'm sure people who use foundation can all agree with me:
- Lightweight 
- Easy to blend
- Not cakey
- Suitable amount of coverage

But... not many foundations in the market are able to perform all these well!
They are either too pricey, too heavy feeling, or doesn't provide me with the coverage I want.

Over the years of trying out SO MANY different brands of foundation, or rather make up products, I always gravitate to Maybelline. If you watched my Boyfriend Tag video and my other beauty posts, you will know that Maybelline has always been a favourite.

I always find myself gravitating towards the Maybelline counters whenever I visit our local drugstore to check out their new ranges, and this time's no exception.
So you guys can imagine my joy when Maybelline wanted to work with me for their Dream Satin Skin range!
Who says perfect skin needs to be achieved with heavy, thick and cakey foundation and powders?

One of my biggest fears is to have a "cakey" face, because although I look perfect in photos, my make up looks 10x thicker in real life! I personally find that quite a "turn-off" trait because it literally spoils how good someone can look in person. 

Although I have finally found a few foundations in the market that don't give me a "cakey face" , they either come from the high end brands that are too pricey and precious for me to use on an everyday basis, or they don't actually feel light enough on my skin as I would like it to. 

As usual, I tested this foundation out on my skin for a good 1 week before I decided if I liked it or not.. and I'm sure you guys can already guess my verdict since I'm spending so much time raving about it (haha)
It comes with a pump, which is always a plus for good control, less messy and a more hygienic application
As you can see, just such a tiny drop is able to give me quite a decent coverage. This foundation feels as light as air, and I'm not kidding.
Plus, see how well it glides across my hand? It blends like a dream, as its name suggests.
Over the week, I tried to achieve different coverages and I found that this foundation is also very build-able. A small pump for an everyday wear, and a slightly larger pump for a fuller coverage.

TIP: Always start with thin layers and build it up layer by layer to achieve a flawless, non-cakey look

It erases my pores seamlessly, and look at how the wrinkles on my hands have lightened with just a quarter of a pump.

Apparently, the Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation contains millions of micro bubbles that are able to cushion your pores to achieve an even surface and a flawless skin finish.
This technology not only smoothens out your pores, it also doesn't clog them because as the micro bubbles are cushioning your pores, the foundation is actually being lifted up with the bubbles and hence they don't actually sit in your pores. (Refer to diagram below)

This makes removal easier as well!
First of all, can I just say that I'm totally in love with the packaging?! It is thin, lightweight and simple and fuss free. It doesn't feel "cheap" either, and a big mirror is a must for someone that doesn't bring an extra mirror, like myself.
The powder alone provides enough coverage on its own, and it is soooo smooth and finely-milled. I can't believe this only costs a FRACTION of the price I would pay for such good quality from a high-end brand.
This powder is easy to carry around, fits into my make up pouch easily.
Touch ups are also really easy throughout the day with an accompanying sponge applicator.
I brought it out to Sentosa with me the other day, and I was surprised that even under the hot sun, with my face full of perspiration, my skin didn't look cakey when I touched it up!

TIP: Blot before you apply and make sure your face is dry before you pat powder over it.
BUT! Make sure you do not over-blot else your face will look too flat and matte.

If you don't mind bringing a separate Kabuki or big fluffy brush out with you, I found that this two way cake also works well with a light dust-over layer using a big fluffy brush as well!
Overall, I am so pleased with these 2 additions to my foundation family, and they can be readily found everywhere!

I hope these tips and the review helps!
For more information, visit Maybelline's Facebook Page 
Or you can visit the Maybelline website - to find out more!


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