Bare Your Sole 2015 at Palawan Beach Sentosa

Monday, June 01, 2015

Over the weekend, Matt, Sarah and I went for the Bare Your Sole walk that was held at Palawan Beach, Sentosa. 

Bare Your Sole is a charity walk that was organised by Habitat For Humanity Singapore, and this walk required us to walk barefooted (hence, Bare your sole) to raise awareness for the people living in poverty that are unable to afford the basic necessities like footwear.
I felt that this movement was a very meaningful one because it helps us realise how blessed we are. 
Personally, I didn't have to worry about shoes. As a school girl since I started kindergarten, I looked forward to buying new pairs of school shoes every year before school started. 
A new year meant new shoes, new bag, new uniforms, new books, new stationery etc..
 And I never once stopped to think about the less fortunate families living in other parts of the world. I took all these things for granted. I took all the shoes I had for granted, and even demanded for the "in" school shoes like Everlast, converse, Keds, Vans etc. 
So when Habitat for Humanity invited me to be an ambassador for this year's Bare Your Sole walk, I immediately agreed!
Woke up at 6 AM on a saturday (my first weekend since work started) and it wasn't easy pulling myself out of bed. but thank God dad allowed me to use the car for the day so making my way to Sentosa was a lot easier.
I also had the company of my closest loved ones - My boyfriend and Bestfriend
So I had no complains even though the sun was so scorching hot and our feet was burning in the sand. 
Along the way, we stopped by different checkpoints for photos, the skies were pretty blue that day, but it was so difficult to get a photo without anyone photo-bombing behind haha
Met Val there as well! And thanks to Nuffnang, we managed to get VIP passes so we had some shelter and little refreshments for us to enjoy before and after the walk.
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Came back 2 shades darker, but 2 times more grateful for this wonderful life.
A big thank you to Nuffnang and Habitat for Humanity Singapore for this wonderful opportunity.
If you would like to do your part, you can still post a picture of yourself bare-footed with the hashtag #DareToGoBare2015 or simply make a donation here.

Have a great Vesak Day everyone, lots of love.


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