Bust-Up and Slimming Soaps Review

Saturday, May 09, 2015

I know this post has been highly requested and highly anticipated, I'm sorry it took me so long!
The reason why I took so long is because I wanted to make sure that these soaps REALLY worked on me before I decide to share with you guys. 

Introducing the Slimming and Bust-Up Soaps from Myblackshop, these soaps claim to shrink your waist and enlarge your boobs. Yes. My first thought was.. REALLY? LOL!
I remember writing on Dayre when the kind owner of MyBlackShop approached me and I wrote about how I thought these products are very gimmicky and that I didn't really believed in products like these. Read the original post here.

"A seller selling "slimming soaps" approached me for an ad and I am usually very skeptical about how these soaps will work since they are just like.. Soaps? 
I always thought they were super gimmicky and wouldn't work. And plus, I was pretty happy with my body la. So I didn't see the appeal.
But as usual, I didn't want to just do an ad and take photos with it claiming that it works just for the money (this seller was willing to pay a lot actually) so I requested to try it out for myself first
I'll only accept her money after I've seen results on myself. It was a way to kinda buy myself some time to also think of a nicer way to reject her ad. LOL. She sounded like she was a really nice lady over email and so I thought it would be better if it didn't work on me and I'll reject her on the grounds that her products didn't work. "
This was part of the post taken from my Dayre. As mentioned about 1.5 months back (25 mar 2015), I was AMAZED by these soaps after using them because I saw results almost immediately??! 
But of course, I wanted to see if these results were really real & to put what Myblackshop claims the Bust-Up and Slimming Soaps can do, I decided to try it out for myself for another 1.5 months.
Actually, I'm still using it every single day! 
So guys, the fact that you guys are reading this post shows that I'm now a convert!

1. Slimming Soap
These soaps come in a pack of 3, and have a calming scent to it. 
It is said to accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism to achieve a slimming and toning effects on the waist.

I was told to use it twice a day, in the morning and at night. Follow the instructions provided in the leaflet and massage for at least 30 seconds and I'll achieve a slimmer tummy.
So I did. And here's my progress after just 10 days!
And yes, I made sure to measure myself diligently everyday and these were all taken around the same time in the morning :)

I started with 24.5" and after using the Slimming soap, i'm now 23" 
What sorcery is this?
But of course, you will need to use the soap consistently else the results won't show. I remember stopping for finals for awhile and I went back to 24" again!
It's not that bad of a thing if you ask me.. Just massage for 30 seconds 2 times a day and have your waist trimmed down by 1.5" ? I'll gladly do it everyday!
So these days.. the Slimming Soap from Myblackshop is my secret for maintaining a small waist despite gorging myself silly with all the sinful food!

2. Bust-Up Soap
Similarly, I was supposed to use this twice a day and massage for at least 30 seconds each time.
I didn't know how to take photos of my bust for you guys and show the progress of it. LOL
I didn't want to wear a shirt over to measure because it would be inaccurate either with the different shirts I'd be wearing everyday, so I hope you guys can trust me when I say that my bust, although increased at a must slower pace, still showed results.
I was measuring at 30" before using the Bust-Up soap and now I'm 30.5" after using it consistently for 1 month!
Even my friends noticed the difference because they used to laugh at me for being "flat-chested" hahaha

This was just taken around a week ago!
Although my boobs are still small.. a little increase is better than none right? ><

Thank you MyBlackShop for introducing me to these soaps that help maintain my figure while I eat and eat and eat :')
But of course, results may vary from persons to persons, so be patient and be diligent. I would personally recommend you guys to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle for results to show up even more, which goes without saying I know HAHA.

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