DRx Purifying Therapy Review

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello! I'm sure many of you have already heard about my very problematic scalp issues. I've been battling them for YEARS, and even a decade I think? Since my eczema condition started when I was just a kid.
 As a result, i've had my fair share of embarrassing moments when it comes to my scalp and how it looked. I'm very very fortunate to have had so many people care for my scalp the past 2 years, and i'm super happy to finally try out the DRx Trichology Purifying Treatment that many bloggers, celebrities and even friends raved about!

I suffer from eczema, and I have it all over my arms, fingers, eyelids, neck, back of my knees and yes.. even my scalp.
For many years, I have been experiencing incredibly dry, angry and flaky scalp due to the build up of layers and layers of dead skin. Trust me, it is really not a pretty sight when you see huge chunks of dead skin fall off from your scalp onto your shirt :/ So for all of you that are facing the same, you're not alone!

Back to my first treatment at The DRx Medispa Tricho , here's a picture of the before and after of my session. 
Top: After Hair Purifying Treatment
Below: Before Hair Purifying Treatment

I'm sorry I have to put you guys through this really disgusting photo of my scalp, but as you can from the bottom two pictures, my scalp is not at its best condition. Clogged pores, thinning hair, layers and layers of dead skin - these are the problems I face, just to name a few.
With that, I started my first treatment!

I really liked that DRx also offer up-to-date magazines for their customers!
The treatment was SO COMFORTABLE, i would have fallen asleep if I wasn't chatting with the trichologist that helped me with my scalp. The entire treatment involved lots of massages, scalp massage, head massage, neck massage ~ hehe
And after 60 mins, I was brought into the room again to look at the results, which you guys have already seen from the first photo. But here it is again!
Looking at the top 2 photos, you can clearly see that my pores are more or less unclogged, and the dead skins have been removed!
Don't worry, the sheen you see on the scalp is not oil, but rather because my scalp was so newly cleansed that it was shiny! haha
My Trichologist also gave me such beautiful and natural curls to get me ready for my dinner plans at night.

Overall, i'm very pleased with the results just from the first treatment. My scalp feels more healthy now and i'm not seeing as much flaking as before. Can't wait for my second treatment already!

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The DRx Medispa is located at:
302 Orchard Road, Tong Building
Level 14


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