Sundays : You'll never know what you've got till it's gone

Sunday, March 01, 2015

They say you'll never know what you've got till it's gone
Its funny how when you're travelling and the appeal of the place starts wearing off on you, and yet when you're gone from the place that you start to miss it.
This was taken at a random street in Edinburgh, Scotland while I was still on exchange.
I never thought it looked as beautiful as it did this morning when I browsed through my albums again. Funny isn't it? I honestly would rank Edinburgh as the least appealing out of all the places I visited in the UK. How did I? How could I? 
Ah, what I would do to go back.
P.S Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I'm currently nursing a really bad headache and preparing for my presentation tomorrow and a paper on tuesday.
Sundays aren't meant to be this stressful, but hey, at least i've got some coffee and nice photos to tide me through ;)
I hope you guys are coping well, and your sunday's been great so far.
Lastly, I know my second VLOG is really shaky and i'm apologising once again! I hope I didn't cause you guys too bad a headache, please don't come after me if you do :(
Can't wait for my papers to be over before I finally edit my CNY and Vday VLOGS for you guys and also write a post on the highly requested Santorini + all the tips I have when it comes to traveling there during summer.

PSSSSTTTT I only spent approx SGD 800 for 7 days inclusive of flights, accommodation, ferries, transfers, food and all!

I'll see you guys here real soon, love y'all

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