Thursday, March 26, 2015

Read Part 1 of my trip to Santorini here. Also included all the tips and tricks I have for exploring the place in less than SGD500!

Continuing from the previous post, we explored Oia for the day, I'll let the pictures do the talking!
The weather started to get a little chilly, so I put on a little pullover I brought with me. 
This was one of our favorite appetisers to order. Pita bread (1.50 EUR) with Eggplant dip that was so refreshing. This appetiser alone can fill you up, so order to share!

We also managed to catch the iconic sunset against the white and blue buildings, it was so so beautiful.
If you're intending to catch the sunset, ask around for the estimated time the sun will set! Somehow all the locals know what time the sun will start to set, which is kinda cool. Anyway, when we found out that the sun was going to set at 6PM, we quickly went to find a restaurant that would give us a good view of the sunset at around 5PM because all these restaurants will start filling up really soon!

Enjoyed my Moussakka while watching the sun set.
That night, we rode the ATV back and as mentioned in my previous blog post on Santorini, it was super dangerous and scary (but still quite an experience). As soon as we got back to our hotel room, we saw this little kitten roaming about in our room!
I like how all the cats there are so friendly and unafraid of humans. They would just climb all over you and its as if they've known you for a very long time already.

Day 2

We started the day pretty late with a western breakfast around the corner in the center of Fira.
It wasn't the best and neither was it the cheapest. 

Savoury Crepe with ham, tomatoes, cheese and scrambled eggs. YUM
We then headed back to the hotel to grab our things because we planned to visit some wineries that day!
After Googling, we found a Winery just 30 mins by public bus from Fira and it was situated in Pyrgos Village. 
Taking the public transport was actually pretty fun because we got to explore by ourselves. Although we dropped off at the wrong bus stop and relied fully on google maps to bring us to our destination, it was an eye opening experience to be able to witness how life was like outside Fira and Oia in the outskirts where most locals lived.
We stopped by a restaurant we found along the walk to the winery and boy, the food was SO CHEAP! This was one of the best Gyros Pita i had during my time in Greece and it was only 2 Euros with a crazy generous portion.
The view from EVERYWHERE is amazing. This was taken from within the restaurant.
Finally, we reached our destination - Santo Winery
Matt and I were making plans and dreaming about retiring in our villa like this next time, just sipping on good wine , watching the world go by. If you're a fan of wine like we are, this place is not to be missed!
The panoramic view from within
Basically at wine tours, you have a huge menu of santorini wines, beverages and food.
We opted for the tasting menu of 6 different wines, which came with a bowl of cheese with olives, tomatini paste and rusks to go along. All these for a price of only 11.50 Euros and we were allowed to sit there all day. 
We even caught the sunset there, gotta say it was one of the most romantic day/evening of my life haha
Santo Wines
Pyrgos, Santorini

We had so much fun just sipping on the wines and talking about our dreams.
We promised to go back there again, hopefully with our family next time.


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