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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

dutch colony frankel, dutch colony coffee co, singapore , latte art
Matthias and I finally found the time to head for a brunch date on a sunday afternoon, it's been something I've been looking forward to all months. Due to the crazy packed schedules from school, work and assignments (what's new) we could hardly find the time to sit down properly for a proper meal, much less brunch.
So when we thought that it's time we both give up a tiny bit of rest time to go for a good brunch that day! After reading through lots of blogs on the " Best Cafes to go in the East", we were in the east then, we chanced upon Dutch Colony Coffee Co at Frankel and I was attracted by the clean, minimalist, wooden modern set up as seen on the website. We decided to head there instead.

dutch colony frankel, dutch colony coffee co, singapore , latte art, sandwich
dutch colony frankel, dutch colony coffee co, singapore , latte art

Indeed, the interior and ambience didn't disappoint, but the food did. I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich ($14) that wasn't fantastic. The chicken tasted like soy sauce chicken, and the bread was dry, hard and cold. However I did enjoy the sweet potato fries that came at the side.

Their Latte ($4.50) was not too bad, it was smooth and I particularly liked the stiff foam. A pity I only managed to try one from their huge coffee selection. It was tough limiting myself to just one, but thinking about the amount of money I spent on my cold and tough sandwich made it easier haha.

Matthias ordered the Beef Fajitas ($12) an appetiser on the menu that in my humble opinion, tastes 2 times better than my teriyaki chicken sandwich. It wasn't fantastic, but not too shabby either. For $12, I must say it's pretty value-for-money, considering the portion of it.
If only we didn't have to wait 35 minutes for this. Sigh.

I personally wouldn't return to Dutch Colony Coffee Co for their food again simply because I expected more than just that. Perhaps I would.. one day.. for the cakes? and coffee? Maybe Maybe.

Nevertheless, we had so much fun together! 
Eating is truly our favourite past time together, still trying to make matt a coffee convert so we can both go on coffee hunts as a couple, hehe! 

On a totally random note, I've been enjoying my new pair of shades from Facexvalue recently.

I've been enjoying my new pair of shades from Facexvalue recently, they are by Dakota Smith , and these tortoise shell frames made of Italian Mazzucchelli acetate boasts great quality and they fit my face perfectly! 

These sunglasses are also fully polarized with UV400 lenses that give the best protection to the eyes from harmful UV rays. So yay to sun protection and trendy accessories all in one!

Price: SGD$85 (64% off its SGD$230 retail price)
Quote "MONG10" for 10% off storewide
Visit Facexvalue & The Tiny Island Emporium for more information.


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  1. Where's your black top (in your brunch pictures) from? :) I love reading your blog and in particular your sunshine personality!

    1. Heyyy! Its from skirtsandfrills. I did an ad for them before, you can find this set of photos on my instatgram!

  2. Hello! :) Your brows are super pretty! Where did you get them done? ^^ Thanks!

    1. Hey babe!

      Thank you for the kind compliment :) I actually pluck them myself!

  3. oh my thank you for people like you!! being early & punctual is good! i was just talking about groupmates being late, wondering why being-on time seem so difficult for smu peeps etc hahaha so apt i just had to comment!! & hello! i'm from smu too, was shown here by another schoolmate to show me some stuff from your travel post! nice blog you've got here :) i think i'm just too happy to hear of punctual people haha >.<

  4. Hi! I like your shoes alot! Where do you buy them from?(: