Valentines Day 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

I know its CNY already and I'm probably the last blogger to be blogging about my Valentine's day this year.. But to my defense, I had exams (& i'm not done with all my papers yet boo), wanted to rush my VLOG out for you guys ASAP and now its CNY so I haven't had time to be on my computer for awhile.

Nevertheless, here's how I spent my Valentines day this year.
Matt and I agreed to celebrate it on the 12th instead of the actual day because almost all the restaurants had a valentines day menu for the 13th and 14th. All at exorbitant prices of course. LOL
Being together in a relationship for almost 3 years now, and having been each other's date for the past 3 Valentines, it didn't matter to the both of us whether we celebrated on the actual day or not.
3 weeks prior to the day, Matt secretly jotted down an event on my calendar and blocked out the time. He knew I was very reliant on my calendar and I check it very often for all my schedules.
I was very happy to find out that I suddenly had a new event created titled "Vday dinner" with the location "secret" hahaha. Little surprises like that ;)

Turned out he booked Catalunya for dinner and I always wanted to try it out ever since I saw their feature on Foodporn. Brightly lit restaurants are always a plus too because natural sunlight is best for taking photos
Here's the rose Matt surprised me with, super happy and I loved the bouquet!
For starters, we were recommended the Calamari (S$16) and oh goodness, can I just say that the calamari cannot be any better than this already?!
It was fried to perfection. Very crispy on the outside, but yet moist, fresh and easy to chew off on the inside. 

For mains, we ordered their signature Traditional Suckling Pig "Segovian Style" (S$150 ++)  
That was the star for the night. Enough for 2-3 Pax, I would say up to 4 singaporean tummies and 3 ang moh tummies LOL.
It was served on a huge wooden serving block, laid on top of a bed of fragrant herbs. The highlight of this dish was not only how appetizing it looked, but also the way the staffs served it - The Catalunya-n way!
The waiter then proceeded to take out a ceramic plate and started chopping up the pig. You can imagine, how soft the pig was inside because it was getting chopped up so easily with just a ceramic plate.
And yes, the plate cut through the bones too.
A range of add-ons were available to go with the pig, and we went with Wood Roasted Pineapple (S$12) that was perfectly caramalised and roasted with a combination of herbs. I could pick out some cinnamon, rosemary and thyme (?)
Also, a sauce to go along.
Overall I would recommmend this dish if you have a group of 4 or more, because it was WAY too much for just 2 of us. And both of us not being pork lovers ourselves, the natural "goodness" and smell of pork wasn't the best for our palate. 
I know you guys must be wondering why we ordered such a big pig when we don't really like pork ourselves.. i have no idea too! HAHA

But overall, I would highly recommend this dish if you guys like pork and can stand the taste of pork (its not too strong, just that we don't like it) because this was cooked to perfection.
Very crispy and beautiful on the outside and incredibly soft on the inside. I never knew pork could be thisss soft, and it was in fact the first time I was eating a meat that was as soft as that. 
Afterwards, we decided to catch 50 shades of grey at Suntec and I honestly thought it was amazing!
Although everyone seemed to expect more from the film. Yes though they didn't have much obscene scenes, and I get that it's basically what the whole story is about.. I thought it was a really dark and meaningful show!
Plus. Christian Grey is so hot.. hello??~


I hope you guys enjoyed my first vlog! The second one is coming soon, stay tuned!

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