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Thursday, February 05, 2015

{Repost from Dayre} 

Been almost 3 weeks since I last worked out and I can't tell you guys how weak my muscles have become. Gone were the days I could do 300 sit ups everyday with ease (no kick really) and now I can't even do 100 without feeling the burn already. 
Tried out a brand new set of abs exercise and I'm seeing some results just after 10 mins of intensive workout. Yay! Now time to keep this to at least 2 times a week but I know I can't.... Anyway this is me without any make up at all, my skin has been looking the best since if can remember. Thank you drx!!! 
I didn't even go for any treatments, have just been using their products and I really see such huge improvements already. Don't forget. My skin is filled with eczema and is super dry and sensitive with many uneven skin tones. 
Snapped a short video over at snapchat with my bare face too so add me on snap chat if you're interested / mongabong ! 
Photos from Rubyrouge's upcoming collection (Tonight, 8PM)Non-edited at all, under harsh and unforgiving studio lighting that can pick up ANY traces of blemish haha. 
Funny thing is I have been eating lots of junk, getting so little sleep and yet it's still not showing too much on my skin. I better not jinx it now tho. But here's a photo of a totally unedited photo taken with super sharp studio lighting ( you can also see that my blush looks so heavy in here so it's quite true to real life) .It's like my skin has a subtle radiance and I promise I didn't even put half as much foundation as I normally would!
Anyway new content coming up!! Absolutely love my new photographer, Evan! Made E set up an Instagram account so you guys can go follow and show some support ok! 
 E also specialises in weddings, events, fashion and baby photo shoots so if you're interested, hop over to @evan.goh on Instagram, and show some love ! 
 Who's up for some leather goodness :P 
E really makes me like a taobao model (which IMO is such a compliment because those models look so perfect it's almost unreal) .

Paid Wee a short visit at salon vim today to get my hair done for CNY. Because I've been so busy lately, and due to the lack of time, I only managed to do hair treatment and touched up my roots, but I'm so happy with it nonetheless! 
Call them to enquire about their CNY promotions and quote my name for additional discounts. 
Salon Vim BugisTel +65 6837 0073 / +65 6837 0045

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  1. Hi Mong, can share your set of abs workout? :) am keen to know!!