Thursday, February 05, 2015

Photography (Low Cut Back Dress) by Evan Goh

Here are my top 3 picks for the coming CNY season from Shopsfashion.
I must say, they are all pretty elegant and since its a festive season, nobody's gonna stop us from putting in a little bit more effort in dressing for the occasion.
Perhaps the sun would, but I'm not complaining!

Find my top 3 picks here:

Don't be fooled by the "Taobao" looking models on their site, I assure you that the quality of the clothes and measurements are all up to standard (Y).

Quote "Mong10" for 10% off

On a side note, I'm so happy to have Evan take my photos for me! 
It really makes such a huge difference, just look at  the first 2 outfits (taken by Matt and edited by me), versus the last dress. 
Isn't it a world of a difference??! Evan is a new photographer that does baby shoots, and now fashion, so if you're interested in working with her, drop her an email at

Hope all of you are well! Mid terms are in just 2 weeks and I'm literally scrambling all over the place trying to juggle studies, shoots, adverts, and omgoodness.. Valentines is also in 2 weeks!
Then again, I have been updating my Snapchat (@mongabong) and Dayre pretty religiously so follow me over at those platforms if you haven't already k? :)


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