Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hello everyone! 
A very blessed new year to each and everyone of you! 
2014 has come to an end and I’m so excited for 2015, may 2015 be good to all of us!

I didn’t have time to do a recap on my year because let’s face it. It takes A LOT of time and a very sturdy internet connection, which unfortunately I did not have the luxury of. I don’t even have data roaming, so I’m literally gone if I don’t have Wifi connection :/

In 2014, I had the luxury to try out many different products, and of course.. collected so so so many products. Everyone knows how much I love my beauty products. I can’t live without them and I’m a crazy hoarder.

Good thing is, going on this trip has forced me to narrow down the amount of products I need because I simply cannot bring them all with me. Not even a third I must say, because my collection is HUGE.

This meant that I could only take those that I know are ESSENTIAL to me in my regime and a part of my world will go hay-wire if I didn’t have them with me. Haha jokes aside, I’m going to put a huge disclaimer telling you guys that I’m not paid to write this post at all
Just wanted to share the products that have worked for me. 
Of course, I did receive some of them from my sponsors throughout the year, I am not obligated to write about them again unless I really want to. So yes!

You guys may find some products familiar because I mentioned a lot of them in my Current Favorites video that I did 6 months back. Its funny how I’ve stuck with some throughout the year!

For the first part of this post, I'm only gonna write about the products I've been loving for skincare and haircare
Stay tuned for my "Favourite Make up products of 2014" post coming up soon!
1.    Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser for Sensitive Skin 
Source : Chewy Jas
If you’ve watched my video, you will know that I raved about this facial cleanser that I use on a daily basis. My eczema and super sensitive skin shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you, I’m guessing. Haha!
This facial cleanser has served me so well. It is gentle, and does not have that much harmful chemicals in it. As I’ve got a condition of eczema, finding the mildest soaps for both my face and body is a MUST. People with super dry and sensitive skin will know that using a product that is too harsh for your skin will leave it feeling tight, irritated and might even cause thinning of the skin, causing premature wrinkles, blemishes and a whole lot of other problems.

This bottle is really affordable and all you need is a small drop.
Massage it in between your hands to create foam bubbles before massaging it into your skin in gentle circular motions. I use it every day and night and have noticed a HUGE difference in my complexion – definitely not as dry nor as irritated anymore!

You can find this in certain watsons/guardian (s) in Singapore 

2.    Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion
Source: Sample Store
Hada Labo is a Japanese brand that has really good quality skincare lines targeting specially at hydration, whitening and if i'm not wrong, they also have a range targeted at anti-aging.
I’ve started using Hada Labo a few years ago, when I received a free small sample of this lotion. 
This apparently acts like a very hydrating toner, and has a very different consistency to it. It comes out very liquid, and clear. 
But unlike other toners, this doesn’t contain alcohol and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry.
I usually use this at night, underneath my moisturizer. There are no specific instructions on how often you should use this, but I generally prefer my face to be matte when I apply my make up and found that applying this would make my face get oily faster.

They also have a moisturizing milk in this range, which is a little too rich for me. 
Just thought you guys might be interested to know! Haha

3.    Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Source: Hello Magazine
This is a pretty new discovery. When I was in France I realised all my skincare products were insufficient to keep my skin hydrated with the winter climate. 
The weather is unbelievably dry and every morning I wake up with a scratchy throat, super dry skin and literally, clothes get dry INDOORS within a few hours. 
No need for dryers or anything because the air is SO DRY!

With that in mind, I was searching for a powerful hydration product that could feed my skin with the moisture it needs, considering it is already so dry to begin with. 
I’ve read so many good reviews on this product and decided to invest in it – Yes it is not the cheapest, a small tube for SGD50, but if your skin needs moisture, this product is SO WORTH IT.

You are advised to use this product 2 times a week, or more if desired. 
I’ve been using it every other day now and my skin feels even better than when it was in Singapore. Haha! Expensive but.. I wouldn’t want to risk having my skin so irritated because it gets inflammed and irritated so easily. 
What I do for maximum hydration is after I wash my face, I apply Hada labo lotion, pat it all in and make sure its been absorbed into my face, then a thin layer of this mask that smells so heavenly. It smells like fruits and I always have to stop myself from licking it off. HAHA

1.    Kerastase Bain Force Architect Shampoo
Source: Sleek Hair

This shampoo does exactly what it says, it moisturises your hair and is really AMAZING at it. 
I haven’t tried any other shampoo that feels like  you’re washing your hair with conditioner because it leaves it feeling so smooth and soft. 
The best part, it doesn’t irritate my scalp! I’ve got eczema on my  scalp as well and its SO annoying because I can’t use any shampoo that contain a ton of chemicals in it, boo.

2. Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate
Source: Beautyjunkee
My angry scalp cant lie, it is dry, very irritable, and I have to be extra careful about the products I use when it comes to my scalp and hair.
For the longest time, I have been treating my scalp with Salon Vim every month by doing different scalp treatments to help sooth my angry scalp. And the results are amazing! I no longer experience flaking and it no longer is so dry anymore.
But as much as I'd like my scalp to completely heal and the eczema on there to go away, we all know that it is a journey, not a one-off thing. A problem i've had for yearsss simply cant go away in a day!
Before I headed off on exchange, my hairstylist Wee gave me a bottle of this because he knew I wouldn't be able to come back for my monthly treatments, and this is to prolong the results of the treatment for as long as it could.

All I had to do was massage this into my scalp after I shower and it leaves a really cooling sensation that was really comfortable :> 
I've been using this for 4 months and I'm happy to say that my scalp is not looking as bad as I expected (esp since the climate is sooo dry here).. It must be this miraculous product that saved it from getting worse!!!

It is lightweight, has a nice scent to it and does not leave any residue on your roots that can be seen or felt. 
For those of you who are facing the same problem as I am, I would highly recommend this product because it really moisturises & to have healthy hair, we need to have a healthy scalp first!

PSSST. I'm still editing my photos for my travelogues, cant wait to share them all with you guys!
Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and I cant believe it, counting down to 4 days till I fly home to singapore. 
Where did all the time go?

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I talk about the make up products I loved the entire year!

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  1. hi! just wondering what kind of body wash do you use? i also got eczema and still haven't found a decent body wash

    1. Hello dear!

      I use Dove's milk body wash, its really moisturising and gentle. Depending on how serious your eczema condition is, you can try other body washes like the QV gentle wash, Face & Body Physiogel etc