Nice, France

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello all!
Just realised i've got so so many backlogs to clear now, especially on my travel adventures!
And its funny how I actually thought I already posted this post up? But hmm.. it was saved as draft for the longest time and I totally forgot about it.
So here's my little mini travelogue on my trip to Nice, France.

Nice (pronounced "neeese") is located in the southern part of France, and it takes a total of 7 hours by train to get there from Grenoble.
Yes I know right, 7 hours?! Haha but well thats because the place i'm at isn't very well connected so everytime I head out of the town I will have to take a connecting train at either Lyon, Paris, Marseilles etc..

We spent 2 nights in Nice, a perfect weekend getaway because its not a hugeeee place.
2 nights is more than enough, in my opinion. But that's because both Matt and I are not big on museums and all, so that saves us a lot of time whenever we are travelling.
All we care about is food, food and just food! LOL

Nice is famous for their beach, and it was raining the whole time we were there, but it was a blessing in disguise because the clouds were so amazing (refer to pics below)
My hair that day, slept in 2 buns (like chun-li) and woke up to pretty heatless waves!
Yippee ~
There was a chocolate exhibition & huge chocolate fair that was going on along the beach while we were there, and since it was pouring (& freezing), we decided to visit the exhibition thinking we might be able to get our hands on some chocolates.

We paid EUR5 each for the entrance fee to get in. AND TO OUR HORROR, there were no sampling of chocolates.. not many exhibits, not impressed AT ALL.
It was simply a whole exhibition hall filled with stalls selling chocolate!
Still don't get it, where did my 5 Euros go to? Did I freaking pay to go in there to PAY AGAIN to shop?

Well.. there were a few interesting sights, im not gonna lie
All these are made of chocolate!
Some exhibits
Rusty looking tools for you? ^^
We then walked about the hall and saw a stall selling froyo. And you guys know how much I love froyo, right?
I'm determined to try all the froyo of every city/town I visit, if available of course. And the one in Nice is literally the worst froyo i've tasted!
This tiny cup was 4Euros, and it was so little. The fruits they used were so stale and the mangoes tasted like fish? HAHA I just dont get it. 
Ah well, thank God the skies stopped raining after awhile and we left the exhibition to catch the beautiful sunset.
For some reason, the sun rays made the clouds look really cool. There was a mixture of yellow, orange, blue, indigo, purple etc. The entire sky just exploded with colors really.
It was the nicest sunset i've ever seen in my life, even the ones in Santorini cannot be compared to this.
I'm guessing the colors in the sky must have had something to do with the rain earlier, but whatever the case, my Airbnb hosts told us that they have never even seen these kinda sunsets before in Nice.
So yay! We were so lucky to have caught it :')
These photos don't do it ANY justice at all, sadly.
Here's an outfit photo:

That night was Matt & my 2nd anniversary, so we decided to treat ourselves to a good meal at Hard Rock Cafe Nice

You guys must be wondering why we went to such a commercialised restaurant when we're abroad right? Haha well.. that's because we were so sick of french food already! 
Remember, i'm residing in france too!
Somehow it felt a little weird to be eating at Hard Rock when i'm on a holiday in France. Its like.. eating macdonalds for dinner when you're abroad.
But oops, i'm also guilty of doing that LOL. Macs is too good and its one of the cheapest and most accessible meal you can get your hands on in Europe.
We ordered the 320g steak and boy oh boy, it was AMAZING!
Thankful for this trip :)

We headed to Monaco the next day, but I think I'll save that for another blog post instead. 
Sorry for rambling away, have a great sunday all!

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