Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Woke up pretty late on the second day because of a fun night out, and decided to head to Rijksmusuem around noon in hopes to be able to sneak a photo with the famous I Amsterdam landmark.
BUT.... look at the crowd! I couldn't even get a clear photo of all the words, lol!
And this was the best I could do. Yep, taking it with the "M" is probably the best already hahaha
Nevertheless, the surrounding areas were breathtaking, I love Autumn in cities like these.
Don't you think the beautiful yellow trees just line up so beautifully? It is as if they were framing the buildings in every photo.
Candid shot of the other M ;)
We continued our afternoon with some leftover shopping at Dam Square (Nearest bus and tram stop: Dam)
It is basically the shopping heaven for anyone! Rows and rows of shops, mainly commercialised ones of course.
If i remembered correctly, there were like 3 H&Ms in the area? Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, The Body Shop and a ton more!
Walked past this fries stall that was sooo crowded. There was even a sign that wrote "Voted No.1 Best fries in Holland". As you all know.. i'm such a sucker for fries and I can have them every single day for every meal (I kid you not >< ), I couldnt pass this up!
Opted for the small fries and topped up 0.75 Euros for some cheddar cheese sauce. WHICH SUCKED. Omgoodness I can't believe I even paid extra for this. It was utterly tasteless and it was as good as eating it with tasteless mayonnaise, sigh.
The fries however, were not too bad. I wouldn't rank them no.1 though.. I've tried better ones out there. But indeed, the fries were crispy on the outside & so fluffy inside!
It was fried to perfection. And what I liked about it is that the oil used for frying them wasn't re-used a million times over. At least it didn't taste like it. haha
I hate it when my fries just smell like dirty oil, does anyone know what I mean?
Sometimes you get served fries that just has this really pungent oil scent that lingers on your tongue after you eat them. But yay, this had none!
For those who are interested, it is located in Dam Square and you wont miss it because so many people walk with it in their hands around.
Just go up to them & ask if you're unsure!
After snacking, we walked around the area and decided to hop over to The Anne Frank House
Along the way we passed one of the three famous Amsterdam's canals. If i'm not wrong, this was Prinsengracht , the most popular canal mainly because it flows along the main attractions of Amsterdam
So yes.. It was the perfect spot to take my OOTDs and adverts , such a nice view right??!
As usual, I was too lazy to snap any photos because no photos were allowed within the house anyway. But here's a photo from Google to show you guys how it looked like.
This museum was the very house Anne Frank hid within for 2 years during the German invasion, really worth the time and money imo, if you're into such things!
The tour was solemn and you could almost feel the anxiety they felt while hiding in the Secret Annex.
Pssst. Please go around 5-6PM in the evening as it is SUPER crowded in the day. 
Not that evenings are any better but the queue to get in is definitely shorter! 

Finally, it was dinner time!
I realise I don't have many food recommendations this time, but this is a must-try!
Located right in the centre of Leidsplein, another centre for lots of food and shopping, you can enjoy unlimited pork ribs for only 10.95Euros!
Of course, just the ribs are free flow, fries and salad were not all-you-can-eat but this is such a steal really. The initial portion they gave was already so hugeeee (the photo above had another slab hidden underneath) I had a hard time finishing it.
The boys ordered a few more rounds after to make their money worth.
Hehe T'was such a nice and satisfying meal :) 
Drinks are also incredibly cheap there so if you've still got space in your tummy... go right ahead!

Satellite Sports Cafe
Leidseplein 111017PS Amsterdam

I can't believe it has been a week since Amsterdam has passed, time is running out so quickly.
In the blink of an eye, I've settled into Grenoble for more than 2 months, which means.. I'm coming home in another 2!

Hope you guys are all well and lovely as usual, catch up later!

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