Outfits for fall, Featuring Herjetset

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wondered where I got this dress I featured in my first London Travlogue post?
It is from Herjetset !
I've collaborated with Herjetset before and if you have been following my blog, you will know how much I loveeee the clothes from them. 
Read my review here.

Im gonna skip all the introduction of this online store because i've already done so previously. 
But I would just like to say that Herjetset is one of the few blogshops I enjoy working with the most! Not only because I've been the face of their blogshop for many collections, I appreciate the quality of apparels and effort put into sourcing the best clothes for everyone.
Immediately changed into this  Fancy Colorful Dress the moment I touched down and settled in London, shows how much I actually like it, doesn't it. HAHA. 
Truth to be told, I was dying to put it on because the outfit I wore to catch my flight was so horrible and dull. I needed some colors to brighten up my day especially after a gruelling 15 hour plane ride!

 I layered on a trench coat that my sis got for me from Shanghai (many of you were asking, sorry Idk where to get this from singapore)
The weather was warm enough for me to go coatless. It was amazing at only 18 degree Celsius!
Wearing this beautiful printed floral dress from Herjetset, it has the perfect cut that flatters the body so well.
Made of Neoprene material, this dress is slightly stretchable to ensure that it fits your body like a glove. Also a super awesome layering piece and I'm so glad i took it here with me. 
I can imagine myself wearing a pair of sheer tights below when the weather gets a little more chilly as winter approaches.

Now moving on to my next outfit that I brought with me to my recent trip to Geneva, Switzerland.
I love how effortless this outfit looks, and how comfy they were!
If you're wondering about wearing an outfit like that in Singapore, don't worry, the materials are so cooling that you can even sleep in them. HAHA
The Lovelle Basic Crop Top has been a staple in my wardrobe throughout the entire trip, im sure most of you can already tell from the number of photos I took in it.
>< But look, I can go from girly to casual and even rocker-chic in it, so easily!
So happy with all these items I got from Herjetset , and the BEST PART!!!
Her Jet Set has recently launched a new concept where all prices are reduced, even at its first launch! Which means shopping at pocket friendly SALE prices. This even applies to their New Arrivals. How amazeballz? 
They have also just updated their past season SALE column– expect to see many $10-$15 items coming to you soon, so don't forget to subscribe to their mailing list to keep a lookout!
But thats not all! 
My readers can get an ADDITIONAL 5% off ALL items when you quote "Mong5" till 12 Oct 2014

Hurry, Shop now at www.herjetset.com
Love yall,

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