Friday, September 19, 2014

Hello everyone!
I am going to review the Evian Facial Spray today and I know that this is not a new product or anything. In fact, I started noticing it in stores about 5 years ago and have always thought of trying it out.
I dont know why I never did though.. perhaps because 5 years is a really long time and I was a little too young and noob with make up then. Also, I didn't have that much money to spare to buy something that wasn't "too much of a necessity" in my skincare/make up routine.

However I saw it recently during my visit to Lyon and I caved in and bought my first ever facial spray!
Also, I am aware that there are SO many reviews written on this product already (since its such an old product), but here's my take on it, for what its worth.

I think it retails for around SGD16 or so for 150ML? Someone correct me if im wrong! ><

What is it?
It basically is a scentless facial spray made from the water coming from the french alps. It is said to:
- Moisturise
- Tone
- Refresh
- Set your Make Up
- Act as a medium when applying wet make up

How to Use
I like to spray the Evian Facial Spray only after I finish doing my make up, where the facial spray acts as a setting spray by sealing in all of the goodness I just painted on my face.
This prevents my make up from looking "cakey" and it prolongs the longevity of make up on my skin.
You can also use before applying your make up, as a second step to moisturising too!
Shake it well~
Hold the can 15cm away and sprayyyyy away!
For the price, I thought it was REALLY worth it because I have tried using the Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray before and this honestly felt like it did the exact same thing for me.
Only difference is that UD's cost SGD48 while this only costs SGD16.
That's literally a fraction of the price!

The Evian Facial Spray also did its job well at prolonging my make up. Usually, my make up will start sliding all over my face after 2 hours of application. 
That would leave me with blotting the heck out of my face for the rest of the day. 
But with this spray, it managed to get my make up to last for about 5-6 hours!
Pretty amazing I must say.

As for "cakey-ness" wise, I noticed a huge difference with regards to how cakey my foundation looked on me. 
Previously, my face would look very cakey after I set my make up with my setting powder, and I would only leave home 5 mins after to allow my face to produce its natural oils to "bset" the foundation properly together. 
This did not work all the time though, sometimes my foundation wouldnt set and I wont be able to get rid of the "cakey" face till hours later.
However with this facial spray, I noticed that the cakey-ness on my foundation disappeared almost immediately!

Overall, I am sooo in love with this product and its such a pity I only discovered it so late.
It would have saved me all the embarrassment from a cakey face long ago! Hahaha 

The only downside I would have for this product is that it probably doesn't do too well in the area of moisturising & toning my skin. I did not feel my skin becoming more moisturized after spraying it on, though I would think its purely psychological since its largely made up of water..
Also, after applying it over my make up, my skin felt a little tighter than usual and I didn't like how my skin felt. But that was something very minor and only lasted a couple of minutes.

Rating: 9/10
Repurchase? Yes

EVIAN facial spray is available in Watsons, Guardian, Sephora etc. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this little review of mine, good luck!

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