"I'm not ready to let all these go, just yet"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Realized its been a week since I last updated this space, but dont worry.. I wasn't skiving off! Stay tuned to a brand new blog post of an awesome range of products that i've been working hard on :) 
Apart from that, the entire week off work has been nothing but amazing.
I managed to get so many things done! Even those that stayed on my To-Do list for months LOL.
Yes, I finally got my butt moving and did my visa for france :D Not sure when I will receive the actual visa itself but homg im leaving in 2 weeks!
Feeling a little bittersweet about leaving because well, we all know that this is pretty much living my dreams. Getting to travel all over Europe with the company of my boyfriend. For 5 whole months, I would not be burdened by the problems at home, I would not be tied down by school work, my shitty GPA. All I could do all day is travel, and enjoy myself to the fullest.
I told myself that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity because never in my life will I have a 5 month long break to travel like that anymore. Also, if Matt and I ever do get married, this experience is something we will always look back on and reminisce. 
Perhaps even go on and on about all our adventures to our children in the future. Yes, and it was what I prayed so so hard for.
But on the other hand, I don't know if i'm ready to give all of this up. No, don't get me wrong, im not going to stop blogging or modeling for online stores. These are what I truly love doing and will never tire of doing. But within these 5 months, will people forget me?
My readers, will you all continue to follow me?
Assignments, advertorials, blogging about Singaporean food places, cafes, make up products, photoshoot engagements etc. I would literally be gone from the SG scene for a good 5 whole months because I wouldnt be in the country.
Anyone in this industry knows how competitive it is. You cant stop. Everyone is waiting to take your place and where do I stand when I come back next year? Don't mind me, because it might not seem as serious to all of you but to all of us (I shared my concerns with many blogshop owners and fellow bloggers and they agreed its gonna be very tough), it is. Because think of it that way, it's literally my sweat and blood and its something i've always been proud of myself for. I'm not ready to let go yet.
I even know of a few friends who gave up exchange opportunities (with or without their boyfriends going with them) because they didn't want everything they built to go to waste.  
However with that said, I have decided that money can always be earned back. I cant buy time, I cant buy back the experience and opportunities. I can only ask of you, my dear readers to bear with me while I talk about things that might not be as relevant to you all for the time being, but it will mean the world to me if you all could stay with me. 
 Thank you for making this far through my rambles. Haahaha its something I've been struggling with the past few months. Like an internal struggle? Oh yes, it will mean the world to me if you guys could give me some video ideas and posts you all would like to read about when I'm gone :)
 Love always, Mong

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