Saturday, April 12, 2014

Can't wait for summer to start because I have neglected so many things lately. 
Cant wait to get my life back and here are some of the things im super stoked for:

1) Summer Internship - Don't ask me where im gonna be interning at because I feel that I shouldnt be too open about the company since i'm only gonna be an intern anyway!

2) Work out work out work out! - Really sorry for being so busy lately, I promise i will blog about my new workout routine soon after im done with all these

3) Blog properly

4) Do more photoshoots - Ah how I miss this. Haven't been going for shoots for the past 2 weeks now and i'm feeling really empty because I used to fill my days with so many photoshoots.
It's like straying away from that routine of mine, that I love so much. Can't wait to jump right back in!

5) Exchange!!!!!! 

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