London Part 2

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The second day of London was spent in the rain, literally. The skies decided to be gloomy that day and temperatures dropped like crazy.
The cold was pretty unbearable and I could literally feel frostbites in my hands and feet because my gloves and socks were all soaked from the rain.

It was still enjoyable nevertheless, the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, and Wicked Musical made up for it.

We started our day while it was still early, and I love waking up to this sight.
Walking to the tube station wouldn’t be this peaceful and quiet if we had chosen to live at anywhere else, imo. Still madly in love with the Rotherhithe area hehe.

First stop was Hyde Park, it was my second time there as well, and it was raining during my first visit too.
Sigh, maybe im just not fated to enjoy Hyde Park !:( H
owever, I highly believed that the beautiful Hyde Park wouldn’t look the same if it wasn’t raining either.

Still really breathtaking,

We could see the London Eye at the back

A fail shot of me trying to breathe "smoke" haha

Something really funny happened at the park though.. Hahaha While photographing this PELICAN

My lens cover fell into the pond???!!!! Hahaha we all screamed and looked blankly at the duck.

Just when it stopped to look down at what he was paddling to and fro for the past 10 seconds, it actually STUCK ITS HEAD DOWN and wanted to freaking EAT IT.

Thank god for my fast reflexes. Hahaha! I grabbed my mom’s umbrella and quickly scared that duck away before drawing the water nearby towards me, using the umbrella.
I don’t know if you guys can imagine it, but it was epic. LOL

I finally got my lens cover after like 3 mins of scooping hahahaha they wouldn’t let me forget that incident after that ><
Dad will always so conveniently bring up the past where I used to drop almost everything I held as a kid.
Im not even kidding! I used to drop everything, I don’t know why. Haahaha my parents used to get so irritated because I never fail to drop my cutlery during meal times.

We visited the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square , Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace after that. And it was FREEZING COLD by then.

I wished I wasn’t feeling all that frostbites in my fingers and feet because I’d definitely enjoy myself much more L

(Didn't capture everything because my fingers were frozen lol)

Big Ben

Day 2 was really chill and slow paced, just the way I like it. Never a fan of going on tour groups because I feel that the pace of tour groups are usually so rushed?
I mean what’s the point of paying so much and only enjoying each attraction for 30mins – 1 hour..

Free and easy all the way!!! It was evening by the time we decided to move off from the 4 places as mentioned above.
Took the tube to Victoria Station to have a quick dinner before we decided to head to catch the musical, Wicked.

Grabbed dinner at this Japanese fast-food joint along Victoria Station.
There are lots of shops like these for people to grab a quick bite and you can find so many shops selling sandwiches and take aways like this easily on the streets.

They are definitely not filling and not cheap though… nothing is cheap in London. Lol. 

Off we went to catch Wicked, and boy.. it was UNCOMFORTABLE as hell.

 The seats were so cramped and because it was winter, we were all wearing like 4 layers of clothing. We could barely even bend our knees and didn’t even have much space to extend our legs out.

It was really torturous, although the performers were world-class. Sigh

We paid around SGD $60 for a ticket and we booked a few days before we flew over to London via the internet.
For those of you who are interested to catch plays/musicals during your trip, I’d advise you to book early!
There were only 6 seats left when we decided to book it and the seats sucked. L
Otherwise, the show would have been perfect. Not even kidding. Their vocals were amazing and they were all singing it live. I couldn’t believe it!

With that, we concluded our day 2 and headed back to the dorm to rest early because I was gonna catch the train to visit my friend Kim in the morning!

Although it wasn’t my first time visiting these places, I really enjoyed going back again to refresh the beautiful memories I had.
Both experiences were very different though, traveling with friends and another with family.
I cherish them both as much :)
P.S Im starting my internship tomorrow! It's finally here, Idk whether to be happy or cry.
But I hope I still have as much time for you guys :)


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