"Im falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet"

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Im falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet"  - Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran  

As promised, here's an entry on the second couple shoot Matt and I did with Joel!
If you havent seen the pictures from the first shoot with Joel, you can find them here.

As you all can already tell, this shoot is a little different isnt it! Hahaha
Was super excited about it because i've never done  shoot like that before and when Joel approached me for a collaboration for the second time for Valentines, I said yes immediately without knowing what was in store for both matt and I.
But we know that since Joel is so dedicated and passionate, we had nothing to really worry about ;)

We spent the next week or 2 gathering inspirations and outfit/hair/make up/poses ideas and we decided to go with the vintage/retro theme.
It was something we both (joel and I) have never done before and thought it could either go super nicely, or turn out a disaster. Hahaha
"Let's Wing It!"

The day finally came and though matt and i were in the midst of preparing for our mid terms, we took a few hours off studying to shoot.
The skies didn't cooperate too well with us that day and it started to pour right before we left school for our shooting location. PFFFT. 
Had to call a cab and change location:( didnt help when we were both so busy with school that we almost forgot about the shoot that day!
Hahaha matt had to go back to take his clothes. And he forgot his wax too. We actually planned for him to have the "comb-back" hairstyle.. it would have looked more vintage then.
But ah well.. WING IT!

In the end we settled for Joel aunt's house, where she so kindly allowed us to shoot in! (and take us in because it was raining lol)
She even cooked noodles for both matt and I after hearing that we were going over. awww. Really really thankful!
Anyway back to our story. 
Her place was filled with really vintage things and its layout was just sooo old and beautiful!
I mean, check out this photo

Marbled tiles and stools. 
We didn't even have to look far for a perfect vintage setting :)

Here are the other photos from the shoot that day:

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures as much as i did!
This shoot was a ton more laidback and relaxed as compared to the previous but i'm really satisfied with how every shot turned out:)
Not too bad for a "wing it" shoot huh! hahahaha

On her
Dress: Zaffron Dress by Ruby-rouge 
Black Flats: Bugis Village
Necklace: Tiffany&Co

On him
Shirt: Tailored
Pants: River Island
Shoes: Pointer
Suspenders: Borrowed

/mini update/
Im still alive~
Anyhow, its finally week 8 and yay hello! recess week is finally here.
Exams are not done yet for me because im still left with a ton of projects to complete and one more paper after this. (boo)
But i'm glad i'm granted this break because I really really needed it. 
Drinking 3 cups of coffee and studying for what seemed like 1946295620 hours a day was just too much for me to handle.
The extra caffeine actually made my stomach behave really weirdly. Sigh. I guess too much of anything is never good!
Next post will be sharing with you guys on my exciting food stuffing journey.

I cant wait!
Till next time, missed all of you!


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