October Lookbook #1 (Video)

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hey all!
This is my first ever attempt at my first Lookbook series where I'll show you guys how I pair my outfits and where I got some of the things from :) 
Also, this time, i'm very lucky to have some of my sponsors work with me to make this Lookbook possible!

Pardon me for the amateur video editing skills once again, and sorry to all of you who complained about the quality of the previous video :( I tried to make this time's better BUTTTTTT I just realised that I didn't change the dimensions of the file while filming.. so it's still far from good.
But I made this video HD this time round! So give me some credit for trying ok? hahahah!

Either way, it is best viewed on Mobile Phones!
Unfortunately, it's still very blur if you were to expand it to watch it full screen on your 13-15 inches laptop screens :( But if you don't expand it to full screen, it's still okay!
But I promise the next video I will REMEMBER to change the default settings in my camera (facepalm, totally) :(
So please bear with me alright!

Some of the outfits featured in the video:

Top: Bkk
Aztec Skirt: Bkk
Silver Bar Necklace: Ruby-rouge
Glass heels: Gift
Ring: Forever 21

Don't you love simple casual outfits like these? I sure do! Girly, fun , yet so effortless. 
The smallest simplest accessories are also the most wearable and versatile, don't you think?
Absolutely love this silver bar necklace from ruby-rouge, and the best part, its only going for $10.90! 

Pleated Sandals: Shopjenith
Suede Bag: Shopjenith
Crop top: bkk
High Waisted Shorts: Gift

Nobody said anything about matching clothes, bags and shoes with the same color tones, and so I did! Turned out pretty nice didn't it?:) 
Sticking to neutrals, especially with almost nude colored shorts/shoes will definitely give your peepers a huge boost. It's an instant trick to achieving longer looking legs!:)
Loving my Pleated sandals and suede bag that has been kindly sponsored by Shopjenith. I absolutely LOVE and cannot live without big and spacious bags because I usually carry lots of stuff with me, and when I first received this bag, I was overjoyed!
Look at how nicely my things fit in there, with so much more space still available! I usually bring my HUGEEEEE make up bag (on days I have shoot), a water bottle, macbook charger, iphone charger, portable charger, calculator, pencil case, wallet, phone, and a bottle of dry shampoo (as seen in the photo). This bag is so huge that it's amazeballzzzz.

Tigress Tank Top : Ruby-rouge
Leather Shorts: The Editor's Market
Denim Outerwear: Topazette
Leather Booties: Twistpolka

Decided to dress a little more boyish that day, been feeling too girly lately with all the dresses and skirts! Hahah those who know me will know how much I love my shorts. They are the most comfortable and i'll definitely feel the most carefree in them! 
I paired a fierce and abstract looking Tigress Tank from ruby-rouge with my trust Ol' leather shorts from TEM. Talking about my leather shorts.. It's been so over-worn that it's gonna tear real soon :( 
I feel that a good pair of fitted leather shorts is a must-have in a girl's wardrobe as well! If you've always had a rocker chic style waiting to unleash within you, and you're too afraid to wear PVC or leather pants in Singapore, then shorts is a great alternative!
To tie the whole look together, I layered on a denim jacket from Topazette, which was so soft and fitted. Esp loving the rounded sides, which makes it a lot more flattering when worn all buttoned up! This not only gives the out-of-bed-effortless look, without completely hiding your shorts when seen from the side :)

That's it guys! I hope you all like whatever I've put together for you:) Do let me know whether you guys want to see more of these videos and Lookbook inspirations and I'll try my best to make at least one/two every month! :)

Also, tell me which look is your favorite! ^^v. I thought each outfit was suitable for very different occasions, and if i had to choose, i'd choose outfit #4! hehehe i'd go for something plain and comfortable over anything too fancy, anytime! 

Have a great saturday guys! 
My recess week has just been filled with FOOOOODDDD omg... Just came back from my 3rd buffet this week. My weight gain this time will not be funny ... :'(
Can someone teach me how to resist food?!

P.S My prev selling post was a really great one! A big thank you to all who supported me and my clearing of my wardrobe HEHE. For those who didn't manage to get your hands on the items you want this time, I will definitely be holding another selling post next time so dont worry!

Love loads,

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