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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hello guys!! Missed me?
[Grrr so annoyed I typed a whole long chunk before my Mac decided to crash on me and EVERYTHING HAS GONE MISSING D:, so i'm typing everything out again]
Anyone out there can get as annoyed by such stuff like me? OMG I wanted to kill somebody. Hahahah juzzzz keeding.

Im terribly sorry for the lack of updates recently, and for leaving this space for some time. I blame it on my uneventful and ever so peaceful life right now. LOL.
Summer has been all about food, and eating. If not, it'd be sourcing for new cafes to try. Basically my life revoles around food right now! hahaha. I know i've probably said this wayyy too much, but i really need to try to improve on my ridiculous diet and do something about my lack of discipline :(
Where's the drive to workout/gym/be healthy??? :O

Nevertheless, today's blog post will be sharing on the good food places that i've visited/have returned to the past 2 weeks. Note that i'm not paid for anything below, good things are meant to be shared right?:) Always loved it whenever people share their favorite restaurants and cafes with me :)

First, Ice Edge Cafe!
Where do I even start... #icanteven #lookatphotoalsosalivate
This little cafe was first introduced to me by a close friend who lived nearby, back in.. 2010? Visited that place once, and I absolutely loved everything there. From the food, to the portions, to the ambience and the music they played.. They are also famous for their GELATO.
I'm sure you guys know how im such a sucker for ice cream/gelato and I need to get my daily fix of them.
Been trying to cut down on that, though it seems like the world's hardest addiction to quit. DAMN

IEC is one of my most favorited food place and I love the fact that despite returning to that place SOOO many times, and trying out different main dishes each time, non of their dishes have disappointed me yet. How rare is that? What are the chances that someone walks into a particular cafe (perhaps 6 to 8 times) and not tried any dishes that are only "so-so" yet.

This was what we ordered the last time we headed back to Ice Edge, and their BUFFALO WINGS are a must-have.
Need I mention that it was after I tried IEC's buffalo wings that started my crazy hunt for the best buffalo wings in Singapore? Hahahaha yes, food addict over here :D
Still one of the best i've tried in my life. But that having said, their wings are prepared pretty differently from the conventional wings, and I love it!

It's a little more crispy, and sweet (Y)

Corden Blue 

Buffalo Wings (must try)

Seafood Baked Rice (not too bad)

Ice Edge Cafe is located at:

2 Kovan Road,

Simon Plaza, #01-10

Singapore 548008

Next, Matt brought me to Salt Grill & Sky Bar with his friends + partners for a mini get-together.
Heard many people rave about this place and seen too many great photos of the place on Instagram! A place i've been wanting to go.
Plus, it's situated at the top of Ion orchard and yay to an awesome view over the Singapore skyline. It was exceptionally beautiful that night as we managed to catch a few glimpses of the fireworks over at the floating platform from where we were. 
Of course, food prepared by top renowned chefs will never go wrong right? Haha their prices too LOL.

Caught their 1-for-1 Happy hour deal at the sky bar and we decided to whack 12 glasses of cocktails at one shot. 

Sex on the beach

Fluffy bread as appetizers
It's so fluffy, im gonna die!

Matt's 300g Ribeye

My 200g worth
Look at that.. OMG :OOO 
After looking at all these photos, its starting to make me wonder why i'm writing this at 1 am, torturing myself all over again :( 

For those that are wondering, yes I love my steak super rare! hahaha I hope the photo didnt gross you out, for those that doesnt share the same tastebuds. hehe

My failed OOTD lol. Shaky hands!

Overall it was such a great night, again again!

Salt Grill & Sky Bar is located at:

 2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard, #55-01 & #56-01 
Singapore 238801.

The next place I'm gonna be introducing you about, is called The M&Ms Kitchen. HAHAHHAA 
Okay don't take me for real guys, whenever i mention or hastag  #M&Ms kitchen, it simply means that Matt and I both whipped up some food together. Hahaha just trolling :')

We made Lasagne for lunch the next day, and it was both our first attempts. 
Turned out really well I must say, and the best thing about homemade food is always being able to tweak dishes to your liking!
Matt and I are both fans of Beef (esp him), and we added in more minced beef than what was required. hehe
But it was only that day that I realised, it's sooo expensive to make lasagne! We spent close to $30 just on the ingredients to make it.. 
Blame it on the insane prices of all the different cheese we used, but well it was all worthwhile :) It's no wonder restaurants sell lasagne at such insane prices

Spam Mozerella
The M&Ms kitchen is located at:

Nah Just kidding,
I made this cafe up myself

A big thank you to all my readers who are still reading these silly posts of mine! Stay tuned for more posts coming up soon! 
Next up will be a video on my Everyday make up look (above) hahaha.

Have a great Tuesday and i hope july has been treating everybody well so far:)
On a ste note, do you guys think that I should rename my blog URL to mongabong instead of Smilelikeidiots?


PS. A shoutout to KY, if you're reading this, a big thank you to you for always being there. Even though I dont know who you are, but I can certainly feel a connection between us and I love hearing from you on my :) Stay happy! XOXO

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