{ADV} Charlene's Black Loft

Friday, July 26, 2013


Hello guys!
Today I'll be introducing this new site to you guys, sooo exciting!!!~
Charlene's Black Loft, owned by an extremely kind and friendly girl, Charlene (explains the name)
She's kindly sent me 2 pieces, one of them from their latest collection!! 

Scroll down to read more!

#1 Flower Detailed Vest Blouse

A tie-front blouse that can go chic or sweet!
Covered with faint flower prints, simply throw this darling over a pair of high waisted shorts & boots for a chic-effortless look. 
Or skinny jeans with sneakers for a casual day out.
And of course, heels for the more lady-like

This blouse is only $16.90 MAILED

Tell me, how can anyone not visit CBL?

#2: Snidel Ribbon Overlay Knit in Cream White 

Made of excellent quality, this bad boy is a perfect pullover for a snuggle-up day.
This Knitted Overlay is definitely gonna be my go-to pullover once school starts!
I'm sure almost every student or working adult will understand how annoyingggggg it is to have to  look for a jacket/pullover that can match our outfits for school/work.
This darling is so versatile that we can all be rest assured to wear anything beneath it, and still look trendy :) 
It can also double up as a bikini cover-up! 

CBL is also having a Facebook GIVEAWAY for all you facebook users out there.
Do remember to Like their facebook page, here!

For more updates and exclusive promotions and latest news, join their mailing list and be CBL's very own mailing listee :)

Now for all MONGABONG's readers, CBL has kindly given you guys a discount code for all of their items!
under their promo code section to receive $1 off

Site: www.charlenesblackloft.blogspot.sg 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/charlenesblackloft 


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