Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello guys!

On saturday, M & I celebrated our first ever month together as an official couple! *woohoo!*
For those that are wondering, "why only one month?" Haha! 
Yes guys, we dated for 6months before that before officially getting together one month ago:)
We wanted to wait and to get to know each other more, before we jumped into a relationship because we needed to make sure that this will last and that we're both steered towards the same goal - to walk down the aisle together.

Hehe so he popped the question (Not a marriage proposal by the way) on the night I finally came home from a 19-days community service trip to the Philippines. 
AND I said YES! Hahahahahha without-a-doubt-in-my-heart-and-full-with-conviction. (juzzzzzzzzz ><) 

I'm so happy now guys! I used to be so skeptical and cynical about having relationships and I found it so hard to trust people (esp. guys) after my previous relationship. But i guess there are still good guys out there that will treat girls like how they should be treated. 
They may not be the most good-looking/rich/smart/romantic to the world, or at first glance. But with sincerity and time, they will be to you. 

Really grateful and blessed to have someone to be there for me all the time, and more importantly, someone I can safely depend on :) 
HEHE! A big thank you to everyone out there who have told us that they are really happy for both M&I :) Means so much to us! 

We headed to Coastal settlement (finally) for dinner that night and man! It was pretty damn good!
It was super crowded when we reached though, didnt want to bother waiting for 45 mins just for seats so we decided to sit at the bar area. 

This is a Must-try
so much better than the other usual cafes!!

 Matt's Wagyu steak burger that was not bad too!
 My wagyu + portobello mushroom pizza.
Hmmmm this, imo wasn't fantastic :( BOOO
I mean, I thought the portobello mushroom was too overwhelming and it totally covered the taste of the Wagyu beef. WASTED!! :'(

However according to the menu, this is one of their best-sellers. haahah so perhaps its just me and my tastebuds :)

The portions there were HUGE and I could only finish half of my keropok-pizza LOL 
Packed the rest home and intended to keep it for lunch the next day. But Matty finished it up while waiting for my shoot to end hahaha

We headed for some froyo @ the next day after my shoot. Have I mentioned how much I love froyo! 
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. ahhaha and I havent' had it in soooo long.

We got to borrow his sister's camera that day so we ended up trying all the camera effects and camwhored with the flip-up screen.
That just reminds me that I need to save up so badly for a new camera. hahaha mine is like shit and i've been over-using my iphone camera too much lately.. It's getting really grainy too:(
I really need to learn to take care of my things, seriously!

Greedy. Ommmmnomnom

Some froyo for you?

A photo of my boyfriend with the phone cover I made him last Christmas.
It says "My name is matthiashaha and i'm weird. Very weird"

& that's it guys! Catch you all soon!

Oh and please check out my sister's new site @ if you haven't!


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