Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hello lovelies! Been really lazy these days, I don't even know what to blog about. I always blog about random things anyway, meh D:
I can't believe its March already. I know it's already the ninth day into the month, yes yes I'm slow. But time has been passing by so quickly its almost scary. Gotta really set some time for myself to reflect about how I should be managing my time more effectively. 
It's finally saturday today! This means the end of my Mid terms *OHYEAHHH* 
Silly me actually thought my bizlaw paper was on thursday and I spent the whole week cramming shit into my brains. Turned out its on Saturday. Bad news, totally :( I was so burnt out from studying already. Sigh

Alright, enough of the sad stuff. I'm really really glad it's over! I can now focus on redecorating my study area and room. Bought some cool stuffs online and hopefully everything will turn out how I want it to be. 

Im just gonna put in random visuals taken throughout the past few days alright? LOL:

Shoot done with SSS

Random photo I came across on facebook. I found it super amusing! Hahaha and its actually pretty accurate heh. Sigh girls girls. 
Disclaimer, not all girls are like that! Haha i would say perhaps only #8 applies to me? :)

My new armcandy. Turquoise, gold and spikes. GOSH the incorporation of the things I LOVE!

Ippudo with Matt on Monday. Our good food at the start of the month! 
Ippudo in my opinion, has the best Ramen in singapore. I havent tried others like Nantsuttei that are highly raved about, but ippudo definitely serves the best Ramen I've had. So far. (Y)

I've been addicted to 8 tracks recently, really grateful for the person that created this app! Haha I love all the songs in there like seriously :O
You can simply type in the genre and types of songs you like and they will generate suitable playlists for you. How cool is that. Hahaha you guys should totally try this app out. They even have playlists for the party-goers :)

Really thankful for my bestest bestfriend that stuck by me through thick and thin over these past 7 years of our friendship. I love you bay, soso much! xo

The highlight of this post has gotta be last night, when I received the fairy lights I ordered in the mail :)
Set it up like how i envisioned it to, and look how pretty it is. 
My bed is now my favorite part of the house, so dreamy.

Thats it for now guys! Will update more once I do up the rest of my areas :)
Hope you guys are doing well. Happy weekends people!

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