Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello my little darlings! 
Having trouble finding the time to shop for CNY clothes? Fret not! I've got an awesome solution for you girls out there!
Okay this post isnt only for girls and girls alone. Guys out there who have girlfriends/sister/mother/friends, this applies to you too (Y).
Alright let me start.. Im sure all of you guys know that I have been modelling for TTD for awhile now, right? I'd say, TTD really offers the best services and they are also one of the most affordable blogshops in the market. Twotimesdreams carries a wide range of clothing, bags and accessories. Ranging from casual to formal, festives to seasons. So you don't have to worry about wearing the trendiest clothes :) 

Well I'm not saying this because I'm modelling for them (besides, im not obliged to), but because I did purchase from them before and I was really amazed by their efficiency and the prices of their clothes. People who frequents blog shops online would know, how almost every blog shop carries the same clothes. So what makes these blog shops stand out? Popularity, service, and price

Duh, who wouldn't want to pay less for the exact same thing. 
So what are you waiting for, let's shop awwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

Check out their new collection now! 

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