Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey there my little ones!
Today shall be the first time I'm writing in here, my brand new blog at!
Basically, the reason behind the shift from smilelikeidiots with Livejournal is that it contained too many sad and emotional posts throughout the years, since I started smilelikeidiots in 2010.
That blog went through every little shit with me. Heartbreaks, betrayal, family problems, friendship problems... Happy times as well, obviously.
But I figured that most of the posts were sad ones and I realized I only turned to my blog whenever I was upset. 90% of the time.
It got me wondering if anyone out there even reads them anymore. It's kinda annoying to read about someone complaining about her life all the time isn't it? Yeah...

That having said, smilelikeidiots on LJ will always be there and I guess I will still be using that as my more personal diary because LJ has tighter security settings, compared to blogger. (Yay to that)

Ah, and yes! I preserved the name "smilelikeidiots" for this new blog as well because it has always been my dream to be able to smile like one everyday. Without having to think about anything in this world.
Hopefully the same for all you readers out there, smile big, smile bright :)

It's a brand new start, and I've been fighting to let go of the ugly past. So glad that I've finally gotten down to doing something with my life, to fight for my own happiness and think for myself.
Thank you for all your support guys, really really helped me tons and I really appreciate them.
Feel free to drop me a comment or a ask me questions on formspring! Ill do my best to answer them. Hehe.

Till then!


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